Attack of the Giant Plasmas!

Just when you thought you owned the biggest plasma TV on the block, Panasonic has announced that 103-inch flat-panel plasma TVs will go on sale in the US just in time for the holiday season.

The previous record for the largest flat-panel TV was 84 inches, and was produced by several manufacturers. But before you rush out to the store to buy this one, it’s going to cost you – $70,000 to be exact.

Because of their size and weight, these new TVs will have to be professionally installed. But for someone with the money to buy it, that’s probably to be expected.

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  1. Louis SavardLouis Savard07-25-2006

    That’s just too big. I mean It’s so big you have to be pretty far away not to view the pixels. It’s just bigger, not higher resolution…

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