Get Live Traffic Updates with Google

Despite the soaring prices in gas, Americans are still hitting the roads to travel in record numbers. You can make your drive, whether it is for work or for play, a little easier by getting live traffic updates with Google.

Launched today as an update to Google Maps for mobile, you can now access comprehensive information about traffic conditions in more than 30 major metropolitian areas, as well as partial information in many other areas.

To utilize the service, you will need to download Google Maps for mobile through your mobile web browser. After you’ve done that, simply moved to the desired location within the application, and select “show traffic” in the menu.  The most up-to-date traffic information will be sent to your mobile device, and will highlight conditions on the covered commuter routes using red, yellow, and green overlays.

Another added feature to Google Maps for mobile is the addition of expected drive time to directional searches within Google Maps.  So now when you look up directions, it will also give you an estimated trip time as well as inform you of any expected delays.   You can also store favorite searches and driving directions, and will be able to access your favorite routes even faster.

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