August Digital Photography Contest

Sadly, we received no entries for our July video contest, and now it is August. So this month I’ve decided to make it a bit easier. Send us your best digital photos, and at the end of the month we’ll vote on the best one.

The Rules:

1. All photos must be taken with a digital camera.

2. Subject matter is up to you – no requirements.

3. All entries should be posted in the contest thread on the V7 Forums.

4. A maximum of 10 entries per person are allowed. So choose your photos wisely.

5. Contest ends 12:00am EST on September 1st.

The winner will receive a brand-new geek tshirt of their choosing, as well as some random prizes of my choosing. The contest is pretty open-ended, so have fun and show me what you’ve got.


  1. BrianBrian08-01-2006

    Hey Julie, quick question!

    Can we edit the digital photos? Not to add in things, but to spice it up a bit. Change the contrast, maybe make it b&w, etc.

  2. JulieJulie08-01-2006

    Yep, sure thing. As long as there aren’t bodies and heads being swapped and its just effects, that is cool with me. 😀

  3. SimSim08-03-2006

    that defeats the whole purpose of photography. and relies more on art skills.

  4. JulieJulie08-03-2006

    Like I said, if its minor its fine.

  5. KirantKirant08-05-2006

    Well like Sim said… even a little would defeat the purpose….plus “minor” is very ambigious

    I think no editing should be allowed

  6. JulieJulie08-05-2006

    Well, since I’m supplying the prizes and am running the contest…I make the rules. If something is overdone, it simply will not be included in the voting.

  7. KirantKirant08-07-2006

    Yes Boss 🙂

  8. forumratingforumrating08-14-2006

    — i dnt have a digi cam, i need to buy one , surely would participate then 🙂

  9. Mike DammannMike Dammann09-29-2006

    nice idea, I myself won’t participate, but I’ll definitely vote 🙂

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