Microsoft Photosynth: 3-D Image Modeling

On Thursday Microsoft is set to unveil Photosynth, 3-D imaging software that transforms digital images into 3-D models.

The software works by scanning a collection of photographs, which can be taken from different cameras at different times. It looks for similarities amongst the pictures, and cross-references them against eachother.  This allows the software to pinpoint a feature’s 3-D position, as well as to determine from which angle the picture was initially taken.

From the collection of photos analyzed, Photosynth constructs a 3-D model.  This can be accomplished with as little 2 photos, but the more photos used, the better and more exciting the results are.

The 3-D model will allow people to move through a scene, viewing the images from any angle.  Microsoft is hoping for the software to be web-based, and states that it may be available for general use later this year.

Photosynth will be previewed on Thursday at the Siggraph 2006 conference in Boston, which looks at the latest developments in computer graphics and interactive techniques.

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    Sounds very impressive!

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