Google, XM Radio Team Up for Targeted Advertising

In a press release issued today, Google announced that they have struck a deal with XM Satellite Radio, the nation’s largest satellite radio service, to introduce and make available commercial advertising inventory on XM’s non-music channels Google’s extensive advertising base through its dMarc media network.

Google’s advertisers will now have a simple, automated way to reach the more than 7 million subscribers of XM Satellite Radio.  Both small and large advertisers will have the opportunity to serve up relevant, targeted advertising to listeners.

dMarc was acquired by Google in January 2006, and allows for easier purchasing, delivery, reporting, and tracking of advertising on terrestrial radio, and now also on XM Satellite Radio.  The technology automatically allows Google to schedule advertising on XM, opening them up to a larger advertising base as well as reducing costs formerly associated with the processing of advertising sales.

Adwords’ customers will be able to purchase both terrestrial and satellite radio advertising when the dMarc platform is fully integrated into Adwords during the fourth quarter of this year. 

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  1. ZapZap08-03-2006

    They’re scrambling because Sirius is closing that gap (between first and second), very quickly! Google has signed with the eventual losers of that battle.

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