Plasma: A Girl’s New Best Friend?

Forget that diamond necklace, next time you want to treat your woman get her a plasma TV.  Diamonds, it seems, are so passé.

According to a survey by Oxygen, a US cable television network, 3 out of every 4 women would prefer a plasma TV over a diamond necklace, and 56% would choose the plasma over a weeklong Florida get-away.

Furthermore, the digital divide between women and men seems to be closing up.  Women report owning an average of 6.6 gadgets, compared to the 6.9 reported by men.  4 out of 5 women report being comfortable with technology, and a further 46% say they handle their own computer problems.

I have to say, although jewelry is pretty and expensive, I too would much rather have a cool new gadget to play with.  However, I can’t say I’d choose a plasma over a week long vacation.  I can buy a new plasma any day, but its much tougher to get time off to just relax.   Speaking of, I could really use a vacation right now……… 



  1. MrMeanMrMean08-05-2006

    Let me wisk you away for a couple of weeks Julie 🙂

  2. JulieJulie08-05-2006

    😆 where to?

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