Google Code Jam 2006

Google announced Monday that registration is now open for Google Code Jam 2006, Google’s annual online coding competition. The competition is set to run through October 27, culminating with the Championship round held at the Google offices in New York City.

The tournaments are a series of timed competitions in which programmers work to solve the same problems using the programming language of their choice: either Java, C++, C#, VB.NET, or Python.

Up for grabs is $165,000 worth of cash, with $10,000 going to the first place winner. 2nd through 10th place winners will each snag $5,000, 11th-25th get $2,500 each, 26th-50th each get $1,000, and lastly, those who place 51st through 100th each score $750. The top 250 in the second round of competition each get a t-shirt. Only 100 move on to the final round.

Want to learn more? Visit the Google Code Jam 2006 competition page to find out more information and register today.

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