New Vista Screenshots

Three new screenshots of Windows Vista Build 5506. You can see the new Startmenu and ControlPanel. Did you notice all the Live Elements in the Startmenu? Although just two elements are officially tagged with Live. Windows Defender is also a fixed component of Windows Vista now.

Build 5506 should be the last beta build, Microsoft is aiming for RC1 now.

All in all Vista seems to be pretty much tied to the internet. Enjoy the shots:

Vista Menu vista cp cp2

Screenshot Source: EWeek


  1. cldnailscldnails08-18-2006

    I really don’t see the difference, visually, between XP with a style theme and Vista. I need revolution in my OS for me to change. Possibly when I build a dual processor computer…but not until then.

  2. ToddWToddW08-25-2006

    It looks pretty but other than that I haven’t read up on it enough to comment if I’m going to switch to it or not.

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