Label to Offer Free Music Downloads

Universal Music, the world’s largest record label, will soon offer free music downloads through SpiralFrog in exchange for watching advertising.  The service will be available later this year.

The downloads, which used to cost $0.79, will soon be free while you watch 90 seconds worth of advertisements as the music downloads.  This new offer will give fans access to Universal’s entire back catalog.

However, the “free” music comes with a price, although not monetarily.  Users who watch 90 seconds of advertising may download a song, and if you watch 2 minutes of advertising you can download a video.  But if you want to keep the song or video you’ll have to return to the site and watch more ads. 

The music files are also in Microsoft’s .wma format, and won’t play on a large majority of music players out there, meaning Apple iPods.

I’ll pass on this one.  It sounds like a hassle and a waste of time.  I’d rather buy it than watch that many ads.


  1. waffleswaffles08-31-2006

    I don’t know though, this could be great. You don’t have watch the ads, just have them play. And get yourself a copy of Audacity and you can re-record them and save them as MP3s. Or if they’re unprotected just get something like dBPowerAmp and convert them.

    If you re-record it then you can erase the origional file that you downloaded and, as far as they know, you don’t have the song anymore. Or just go ahead and burn it and rip it again later if you need it.

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