Surf without leaving a trail…

Worried that someone is looking up your internet browsing history? A new UK start-up company has just released a browser that will help you alleivate such concerns.Coined “Browzar“, the new browser sidesteps privacy concerns by not saving a cache or history of visited sites, and deletes all cookies acquired during a session when you close the browser.

Browzar is a 246K application, which is small enough to download each time you want to use it. However it can also be stored on a hard drive, or a flash drive. Browzar requires that IE 5.5 or higher be installed on your system, and this is mainly because Browzar uses its rendering engine.

Right now Browzar is only available for Windows PCs, however MAC and Linux versions are in the works. No release date has been set for those versions.

Browzar is backed by Ajaz Ahmed, the former founder of Freeserve, a free ISP in the UK which he sold in 2001 for $3 billion.

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