New Digital Photography Contest – Theme: “Faces”

The V7 Tech Blog is again sponsoring a digital photography contest. Send us your best digital photos, and at the end of the month we’ll vote on the best one.

The Theme:

This month’s theme is “Faces”. 

The Rules:

1. All photos must be taken with a digital camera.

2. All entries should be posted in the appropriate thread at the V7 Forums.

3. A maximum of 5 entries per person are allowed.

4. All photos must fit the “Faces” theme.

5. Contest ends 12:00am EST on October 1st.

And although not a rule, please be considerate and resize your images to an appropriate size.  4000 x 4000 pixel images take too long to load up. 

The winner will receive a brand-new geeky tshirt of their choosing, as well as some random prizes of my choosing.

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