Lots of new goodies & updates from iPod

In today’s latest product launch, Apple iPod has finally unveiled the long-rumoured, and very much hyped iTunes video download service as well as a number of other product updates. 

The new video download service is packaged with the new iTunes 7 software, which you can now download from their site.  Available upon its initial launch today are over 75 movie titles.  Apple hopes to continue to expand their movie offerings, whereby you can download videos from iTunes on the same day that they are released in stores.

New movies from iTunes will cost $12.99 if you pre-order them or buy them within the first week.  Older movie titles will cost $9.99.

Also introduced at the product launch were a number of updates to existing iPod products.  There are a lot of them, so I’m just going to give you a quick overview:

  • 2nd Generation iPod Shuffle now available – its now the world’s smallest mp3 player, has a handy little built-in clip, and has 1GB of storage.  They are $79 and will be shipped in October, but orders can be placed now.
  • iPod: the screen is now 60% brighter, and battery life on the bigger version has been extended to 6.5 hours from the previous 4 hours.
  • iPod earphones have been redesigned, and will come standard with all iPods (including the Nano and Shuffle).
  • Gapless playback now available on new iPods, which allows you to listen to an entire album and have the tracks flow seamlessly into eachother.
  • Instant searching and faster scrolling now available.
  • iPod games now available from the iTunes store.  Titles include such games as Tetris, Pac-Man, Hold’Em Poker, and more.
  • Video battery life is now 75% longer at 6.5 hours.
  • Lower prices: the 30GB video iPod is now just $250, and the 80GB model is $350.  That’s $100 off its recently pricing.
  • 2nd Generation iPod Nanos have been “completely remastered” and include: an aluminum outer case on 2GB version, thinner than the 1st generation, 40% brighter screen, the 4GB version is available in 5 colors (blue, green, pink, black, white), 24 hour battery life, and lower pricing.  2GB Nano = $149, 4GB Nano = $199, 8GB Nano = $249.
  • The new charger for iPods is 40% smaller
  • Also available are new lanyard earbuds.
  • iTunes 7 now available for download, has lots of updates.
  • NFL Network now has season highlights available on iTunes.
  • Better video encoding now available at 640X480 resolution (near DVD quality). 4 times better than previous 320×240 resolution.

And lastly, after all of that, Steve Jobs gave all those present a sneak peek into the future of Apple and a new product in development: iTV.  iTV is the code name for a new device that Apple is producing that will allow you to sync your computer or iPod to your tv.  In other words, you can browse through new movies available on iTunes right on your tv, watch the movies, download and watch podcasts, and even listen to your music.  Most importantly, there won’t be loads of wires running about your house to get this all accomplished – a simple wireless network will do it all.  iTV is a code name, so it will likely be called something else upon launch.  The product is projected to be launched in Q1 in 2007.

Now I’m kinda disappointed I ran out and bought a new Nano only just two weeks ago. I still love the thing, but had I known the new ones were coming out I would have probably waited.  My next goal is to get a video iPod, and now it’ll likely happen faster than before now that they’ve lowered the prices. 


  1. LouisLouis09-13-2006

    The new shuffle is awesome! I already have a Shuffle sadly.

    Thanks god they brought the colors. Kudos to Apple!

  2. joizjoiz09-16-2006

    I also already have a Nano… that Shuffle is so small! I’m falling in love with it already!

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