Sony Battery Recall Now Hits Toshiba

Dell and Apple were the first to announce major recalls of laptop batteries, and now Toshiba is joining in. The laptop batteries in question were all supplied and manufactured by Sony.

Dell and Apple’s Sony batteries were reported to overheating, in some instances causing serious personal injuries, as well as fires.

The Sony batteries used in Toshiba laptops have not been reported to have caused any injuries. However, these batteries either stop charging, or run out of power.

The Toshiba recall is projected to affect 100,000 computers in the U.S., and another 45,000 sold in Japan.

Of the Sony battery recalls this is the smallest. Dell recalled 4.1 million, while Apple recalled 1.8 million. Though despite its smaller impact on the consumer, the Toshiba recall marks the latest in a series of embarassing (and costly) manufacturing screw-ups by Sony.

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  1. Jerry BridgesJerry Bridges09-29-2006

    I have a Laptop computer. While your report is announcing a battery recall, you do not give any of the identification for batteries involved, other then Sony. How can I tell if my battery is included in the recall. Are there Model Numbers or Serial Numbers (and Brand Name) to look for as an identification of a battery? I know of a total loss residential fire, where the fire cause could not be determind, however, it was suspected to have started in the area of computer equipment. No one was home at the time the fire occured and went unnoticed for about an hour before a motorest seen smoke and went to investigate the source. I don’t want that to happen to my home. If you can pass along any information, I will be very greatful.


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