A Full-Size Keyboard that Fits in Your Pocket!

Has Blackberry thumb got you down? Do you like being constantly wired and sending emails and text messages from your smartphone or PDA, but hate the tiny keyboard? Then check out the virtual keyboard, a cool new device that allows you to to type on any surface.

The keyboard works by way of projecting a laser keyboard onto your tabletop, desk, and so on. Once projected, you can type away on the “keys” just like you’d type on a traditional PC keyboard. And just so you aren’t completely weirded out, it plays an accompanying click sound as you type away on your table.

So when you want to fire off an email, but don’t feel like using the tiny keyboard of your mobile device…just set up the bluetooth enabled virtual keyboard. The actual device is slightly smaller than a matchbook, which means you can carry it around in your pocket or purse. No other full-sized keyboard can actually fit into your pocket!

The virtual keyboard can be purchased at any number of online retailers, as well as some electronics stores. Currently, it is up for sale at ThinkGeek for $179.00. It works with bluetooth-enabled smartphones, PDAs, and computers.

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  1. waffleswaffles09-20-2006

    I keep seeing articles about these things, but have yet to run across one in real life. I’d be tempted to get one for my desktop just to clear up some desk space.

    So if anyone has one that they’d let me play with, please let me know.

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