SanDisk Announces 12GB & 16GB CompactFlash Cards

Today SanDisk announced the availability of 12GB and 16GB Extreme III CompactFlash cards to come in December of this year.  This is great news for photography buffs who need lots of storage, as well as those with digital camcorders and other devices that utilize a lot of storage.  Both the 12GB and 16GB versions have read and write speeds of 20MB/second.  The only downside to these babies?  The price.  They will cost $779.99 and $1,049.99 respectively. 

I want one!  It would be perfect for my digital camcorder.  The highest card I saw anywhere was a 2GB, but right now all I have is a 1GB.  The 1GB gives me about an hour of video time, or several thousand photos.  16GB would be heaven.  Add this to my Christmas wish list.

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  1. JonathanJonathan10-18-2006

    Wow! You could fit a lot of songs on those! 🙂

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