New Online Advertising Platform Launching Monday

Online advertisers will soon have another option of connecting with blog and website publishers who wish to earn revenue from their sites through advertising. On Monday, October 9, 2006, AdQuick, an apparently UK based operation, is set to lauch.

So what makes AdQuick different than all of the other advertising platforms currently available? They offer publishers one of the highest payouts in the industry, at 80%. Other similiar companies payout around the 50% (or less) range. That gives publishers a lot more incentive to stick with them.  Payments are also distributed every 14 days, unlike the standard monthly payment offered by similar services.

So what’s in it for advertisers? Advertisers have total control over what websites and blogs that they advertise on, and can tailor ads to the specific sites and audiences that they wish to target. This maximizes your advertising dollars.

V7 members are being offered an exclusive deal which will ensure them a 90% pay rate for as long as you use AdQuick, (instead of the standard 80%).  When you sign-up, make sure to mention that you saw the the offer at

So check it out….it looks to be a promising endeavor. AdQuick is set to launch on Monday, but you can signup now to have your account ready for the launch date. You can sign up at


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