Microsoft and Apple eyed for AJAX alliance

In February, a group of technology vendors, including BEA Systems, Google, IBM, and Oracle, formed the OpenAjax Alliance, with the goal of promoting the popular AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) web development technique. Since then, more vendors, such as Sun Microsystems, have joined, and the alliance has launched its OpenAjax Hub project to boost interoperability among AJAX libraries. One of the founders of OpenAjax was David Boloker, who holds the titles of distinguished engineer and CTO of emerging internet technologies at the IBM software group. He also serves on the alliance’s steering committee. Infoworld editor at large Paul Krill spoke with Boloker at the AJAXWorld Conference and Expo last week about AJAX, the security issues around it, and the possibilities of other vendors such as Microsoft and Apple joining the alliance.

Infoworld: Before AJAX, or theoretically before AJAX, you had Flash. Do you see Flash as a competitor, as a complementary? It just seems like it is kind of a competitive technology even if Adobe says it’s not.

Boloker: I was going to tell you to ask Adobe what their opinion was. Flash is yet another example of a web-based technology, and there are reasons why customers might want to use Flash to have an environment, a full environment, and you know there are reasons why people might want to do something just purely in DHTML and JavaScript. I mean the first obvious reason is DHTML and JavaScript [are] installed on everyone else’s desktop today and is immediately used, whereas Flash was a plug-in. Now, that plug-in happens to be pretty much on most people’s machines.

I just noticed there’s no international standard logo for AJAX yet, who wanna make one? 😉

Read the full Interview at Macworld.

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