$10,000 Blog Contest- Vote Now!

Voting for the $10,000 Blog Contest sponsored by John Scott, owner of V7, is currently under way. Over 80 blogs announced their participation in the contest, and a final 10 blogs were nominated to be considered for the #1 prize of $3,000.

Amongst those participating blogs is one of mine, Blogging Blogs. I included over 70+ outgoing links to new, cool, and not-so-known blogs, as well as roughly 15 to 20 reviews of some of my favorite of those blogs. I also spread the word about the contest, announcing it on my blog when the challenge began. When I get caught up with a few other things, I will continue the task of reviewing cool blogs, so if you have one you’d like reviewed, submit it over there and I’ll see what I can do.

As far as the rest of the competitors go, it looks like Trapper is one of the top ones. He’s also done a number of posts, as well as links. Good job!

Voting is taking place on the V7 Forums, so I encourage you to get over there now and vote for the best candidate 🙂

Note: I am not a paid employee of V7N. I volunteer my time here to write this blog.


  1. flavianflavian10-12-2006

    a excellent blog

  2. DustinDustin10-18-2006

    I liked how many different blogs I was exposed to through this contest. Blogging Blogs was probably one of my favorite, but I really was probably unaware of 90% of the v7n’rs blogs that came up during this contest.

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