iPod Shuffles for All Apple Employees

Christmas comes early for Apple employees: Apple CEO Steve Jobs recently noted that all Apple employees will be receiving the newest second-generation iPod Shuffle. All employees – from management all the way on down to retail staff – will be receiving the Shuffle. It is intended to boost morale and reward the employees.

At the size of a matchbook, the newest iPod Shuffle boasts being the world’s smallest mp3 player. It contains 1GB of storage, which is enough to hold about 240 songs. It also features a built-in clip which consumers can use to clip it on to a pocket. They were officially launched on Friday, November 3rd, and are available online and in retail outlets.

Speculations are also floating about suggesting that the Shuffle will soon be available in an array of different colors, much like the newest iPod Nanos are. It is rumored that these may roll out in January at the MacWorld expo.

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