The Yahoo Recipe

Yahoo recently launched it’s latest addition called Yahoo Food. The large Web Media giant is trying to make a name for it’s self with some new 2.0 “lifestyle” sites. Yahoo’s grabbed some large cooking companies and cooks such as Omni Media, Cook’s Illustrated and Reader’s Digest. Recipes can be Discussed, Rated, Downloaded and Printed. Yahoo hired the the same woman that was paid to create AOL Food.

The design is a similar to Yahoo Tech and Yahoo Health with a well complimented soft design that’s easily navigated. Yahoo said it was initially launching the site in The U.S but in 2007 has plans to expand to Australia and Europe.

Yahoo’s Recipe:

Own a large publishing company, add a bit of page rank 7, mix it slowly with owning one of the world’s largest search engines, add a bit Yahoo Directory, stir in a bit of advertising on (Alexa ranking 1), then bake at 180 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes and you’ve got Yahoo Food.


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  2. King JusticeKing Justice11-04-2006

    Wow! It looks like Yahoo! is really trying to compete with Google. Google is rapidly expanding their services, and it seems Yahoo! is taking a different approach to its competition by expanding their content and categories of expertise!

    Seems pretty cool, though. Hopefully this project won’t go in vain. Yahoo! is doing pretty damn well from a content-perspective. I hope its users will start seeing how much Yahoo! provides now, and maybe, just maybe, it can start competing with Google again.

    It seems nowadays that Google is just the big guy on the block and there’s no room for anyone else. Yahoo!’s back, back again. 🙂

  3. CricketCricket11-04-2006

    Beautiful job writing this article!

  4. WillLWillL11-05-2006

    I’m so glad you guys love it!!. I’m making another 1 now.

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