Yahoo Teams up with MSN to take on Firefox

Yahoo has recently launched another weapon against Google. Yahoo’s teamed up with MSN to officially support Internet Explorer 7. When Internet Explorer 7 was released recently , Microsoft claimed it had 3 million downloads in the first 3 days of the launch. Firefox did not release any information publicly about downloads as many of Firefox’s downloads are out sourced to Google, and other Technology sites.
Why would Yahoo a major Web Media giant join forces with one of it’s rivals? Simple, Internet Explorer 7 that Yahoo advertises is “optimized” with Yahoo features

– Yahoo and Yahoo News set as 2 default homepages.
– Yahoo Search as your default in built search engine on Internet Explorer.
– Plus Yahoo Toolbar.

The new Yahoo optimized Internet Explorer can be downloaded here

Will Microsoft pay Yahoo’s Publisher Network Webmasters for each download they refer? Similar to Adsense’s Firefox refer.


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  2. King JusticeKing Justice11-05-2006

    IE sucks. FireFox ftw!!!

  3. SadafSadaf11-20-2006

    I don’t like IE at all since the day I found Firefox.

    Firefox is very fast as compare to IE. I just love it.

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