Time Magazine Names YouTube “Best Invention of 2006”

What does Peter, a 79 year old World War II radar technician and Noah, the man who took a picture of himself every day for 6 years have in common? They were both common people who shared their life experiences on YouTube and became internationally famous.

Time Magazine recently named YouTube “Best Invention of 2006”. Totally manipulating the word “Invention” as video sharing has been around since early 2001. YouTube should have won something more like “most successful website in 2006”. Being less then 1 year old and selling to Google for $1.65 billion, is defiantly one of the best developments on Web 2.0

Since Google’s taken over the site, YouTube has made partnerships with Sony BMG, NBC, CBS, Sony BMG Universal Music, and Warner Music. Not to mention increasing in pagerank.

Expect to see more and exciting things with YouTube in the near future.


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  2. NickNick11-07-2006

    Very Interesting. Would you call it an invention though?

  3. WillLWillL11-10-2006

    Remove my bloody posts. I don’t give you authority to post them.

    remove them. Make your own ones.

  4. JP-GeekJP-Geek11-20-2006

    […] Vía | TechV7N […]

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