Apple’s Sticking with the “Mac Guy”

There were rumours last week that Apple would be ditching the “Mac Guy” from their recent line of commercials, but actor Justin Long (aka the “Mac Guy”) insists that not only are they not letting him go, but he’s actually shooting some new commercials for them this week. 

Umm, who cares?  Personally, I find the commercials silly and actually kind of annoying.  The Mac guy doesn’t look, act, or sound cool, and despite Apple’s claims as to such, having a Mac doesn’t help his cause.  The PC guy is pathetically nerdy to the point of being overly dramatic. 

The whole “Macs are cool” thing is lost on this guy as he’s just not that cool.  Nevertheless, it looks like these commercials are here to stay, at least for a little bit.  Long reports that they are currently shooting a series of the Mac/PC guy commercials for the holiday season.

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