USB Christmas Decorations

Get your computer and desk ready for the holiday season by picking up some neat USB Christmas decorations.  You’ll have the coolest desktop in the office (or at home)!

Check out the USB Christmas Decoration Kit available for just $18.  It includes a string of colorful LED lights in the shape of little presents, a little Christmas hat (apparently for you to wear while sitting at the computer…), and a festive Christmas mousepad.

If you’ve got extra USB ports, you might also be interested in some of these neat little light-up Christmas figures. There’s Santa Clause, drumming Santa, drumming Snowman, LED Musical Snowman, a Musical Santa, LED Christmas trees, and even fiber optic Christmas trees.



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  1. Klaas KoopmanKlaas Koopman12-05-2006

    I’ve seen some usb christmas trees ( small ones ), 3 of my classmates even got it at school haha! Quite funny to be honest!

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