Monthly Archive for: ‘December, 2006’

MySpace’s “MyPurchase” Has Artists Worried

MySpace is currently developing a new digital download store for music which will be called “Mypurchase”. Visitors to the site will be able to purchase music offered by bands, and will be able to play the downloaded songs on such devices as the iPod, Zune, and others. MySpace is partnering with SnoCap, an online music distribution service, to add the …

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PayPerPost Now Requires Disclosure

Announced today, PayPerPost is implementing a new policy that requires participants to fully disclose the sponsored nature of blog posts done through their program.  The new terms of service go into effect immediately, and also prohibit those purchasing the sponsored posts to from demanding non-disclosure.  Simply put, if you wish you use PayPerPost to get posts written about you or …

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I’ve been tagged!

Apparently there’s a blog tag thing going around, and I’ve been caught by Cricket. So now I’m supposed to share with you 5 things you all don’t know about me. Hmm…let’s see.. I used to be deathly afraid of both dogs and cats, and now I love both. I prefer to wear sandals over shoes, although in the cold and …

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Slide Out QWERTY Keyboard

HTC’s next smartphone goes by the name of Vox and does things a little differently than current HTC smartphones: it’s got a full size, slide out QWERTY keyboard. On top of that is the rumblings that it might use Crossbow, the newer version of Windows Mobile. This is all just rumor and hearsay, the Vox should feature a 2.4-inch display …

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