Slide Out QWERTY Keyboard

HTC’s next smartphone goes by the name of Vox and does things a little differently than current HTC smartphones: it’s got a full size, slide out QWERTY keyboard. On top of that is the rumblings that it might use Crossbow, the newer version of Windows Mobile.


This is all just rumor and hearsay, the Vox should feature a 2.4-inch display as well as the normal amenities like Wi-Fi, EDGE support and Bluetooth. If these specs end up being true, then the only new feature would be the slide out keyboard which is pretty handy though 😉


  1. DustinDustin12-07-2006

    Any idea what it will cost $$?

  2. Chris OsborneChris Osborne12-10-2006

    So, um, do I have to hold it sideways to type and see the screen? How exactly does that work?

  3. IanIan12-20-2006

    I currently have a smartphone with a qwerty keyboard (Qtek 9100) and I love it! I am never going back to typing SMSes with the normal numberpad….yuck!

    This is a pretty sexy phone though. I am assuming the image also rotates when you slide out the keyboard?

  4. MrMeanMrMean12-29-2006

    I just got the Sony P990I with a QWERTY keyboard the flipdown bit is also removable on it, it rocks!

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