MySpace’s “MyPurchase” Has Artists Worried

MySpace is currently developing a new digital download store for music which will be called “Mypurchase”. Visitors to the site will be able to purchase music offered by bands, and will be able to play the downloaded songs on such devices as the iPod, Zune, and others. MySpace is partnering with SnoCap, an online music distribution service, to add the new feature to the site.

The service has the potential to sell mass quantities of music, due to the site’s huge audience, however, artists still have some reservations. They are primarily concerned about the unknown profit margin that will be charged for distributing the songs, as well as the artistic implications that selling music one song at a time (instead of as an entire album) will have. Bands are also worried that it could help to quicken the death of CDs, making them become obsolete eventually.

MySpace is popular not only amongst the younger generation, but it is also a launch pad for bands. Many up and coming bands are on MySpace, and a number have seen a great deal of success due to the site.

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