Monthly Archive for: ‘January, 2007’

More Luxury Tech Toys

Further searching on the web has led me to even more outrageously expensive tech gadgets.  Check them out below. The World’s Most Expensive Mouse: For those who want nothing less than the best, I present to you the world’s most expensive mouse. This mouse is encrusted with 59 individual diamonds and is cast from 18 karat white gold.  It features USB …

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Gadgets of the Rich & Famous

If you’re a working class person like myself, you’ll probably never have the opportunity to buy any of the gadgets I’m about to share with you, but it’s still fun to oogle!  If you’re lucky and you’ve got the big bucks, then maybe you’ll be interested in one of these high-class pieces of modern technology. The World’s Most Expensive Cell …

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Contextual Links @ V7N Launched!

This week, V7 launched a great new service – Contextual Links @ V7N – which both link buyers and bloggers can each benefit from. Now you’re probably wondering how this service is different from every other link brokerage service out there, so let me explain. Contextual Links @ V7N offers you something that no other service can – completely undetectable …

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Product Review: Manhattan Drawing Tablet

In the earlier part of 2006, I purchased the 4″x6″ Wacom Intuos3 Pen Tablet, which retails for around $230. I really wanted to get the next size up, the 6″x8″, but at the price of $330 I was not ready to spend that much. So I settled on the smaller one. I recently was sent an 8″x6″ Manhattan Graphics Tablet …

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Who got an iPod for Christmas?

On Christmas Day Apple’s iTunes music store experienced an unprecedented amount of traffic, so much so that it caused some serious delays for many of its visitors that day.  What was the cause of the mass influx?  Holiday gifts. The iPod was yet again the must-have gift an everyone’s Christmas list this year.  Lots of people gave them, and lots …

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