Who got an iPod for Christmas?

On Christmas Day Apple’s iTunes music store experienced an unprecedented amount of traffic, so much so that it caused some serious delays for many of its visitors that day.  What was the cause of the mass influx?  Holiday gifts.

The iPod was yet again the must-have gift an everyone’s Christmas list this year.  Lots of people gave them, and lots of people got them.  And with the popularity of gift cards these days, the iTunes gift cards no doubt were given frequently as gifts as well. 

So on Christmas day, after Santa arrived and delivered all the presents (*wink*), everyone rushed to the computers to load up their new iPods and spend their iTunes gift cards.  Traffic to the iTunes site on Christmas day 2006 was a 413% increase over Christmas day 2005, and an 1,222% increase over normal Monday traffic. 

Apple expected a lot of visitors that day, but no one could have guessed just how much they would really get.  Visitors to the site experienced problems such as long delays in downloading music, error messages, or were not able to access the site at all. After the Christmas crowded thinned out, the site was back to normal.

The massive amount of traffic to iTunes on Christmas can only indicate one thing – the iPod was one of the year’s hottest gifts, not at all affected by the launch of Microsoft’s Zune in November.  Even John Scott is giving some Shuffles away as gifts this holiday season – that’s how cool they are. 😉

So, how many of you guys got an iPod for the holidays?  Did anyone give an iPod or iTunes giftcard as a gift?

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