Product Review: Manhattan Drawing Tablet

In the earlier part of 2006, I purchased the 4″x6″ Wacom Intuos3 Pen Tablet, which retails for around $230. I really wanted to get the next size up, the 6″x8″, but at the price of $330 I was not ready to spend that much. So I settled on the smaller one.

I recently was sent an 8″x6″ Manhattan Graphics Tablet to try out by the folks over at Technical Cable Applications. Right off, I loved the larger size of this tablet. This larger size makes it much easier to get things done, and is easier to handle. Another feature that I liked about the tablet itself are the hot keys around the border of the drawing surface; those can really come in handy.

Then drawing pen that comes with this tablet I prefer over the one that comes with the Intuos3. Manhattan’s pen feels more like an actual pen, and has a similiar weight to a real pen, so to me it felt more natural. The Intuos3 pen is lighter and a bit longer than a normal pen. One thing the Intuos3 pen featured that the Manhattan one did not was an “eraser”, but this didn’t really bother me as I mainly use the “step backwards” feature in Photoshop anyways.

The pressure-sensitivity of the pen and tablet worked out great for me, although it did seem to be very slightly less sensitive than the Wacom. I also liked the mouse that came with the Manhattan tablet. The Intuos3 mouse has a felt-like surface that attracts dust, particles, and cat hair like a magnet. The Manhattan mouse did not have such side effects.

I’ll admit that I was somewhat skeptical of this tablet as all I’ve heard anyone talk about is the Wacom tablets, but after trying it out for myself, I think I prefer the Manhattan tablet over the Wacom one I have. It is also much more affordable at just $79.95 and free UPS shipping!


  1. IslaIsla01-12-2007

    Thanks! I have plans to purchase a tablet sometime within the next few months, and this review was very helpful as I have only used Wacom.

  2. Fb.Fb.01-21-2007

    Thanks for the reveiw, i was a bit worreied to buy a non-wacom tablet, sincei have heard rumors of them beeing crap , but i reasured now, thanks

  3. DustinDustin01-29-2007

    Another cool thing about the Manhattan tablet is that although it has a lifetime warranty, I’ve yet to see one go bad in the two years that I’ve been working with them.

  4. JimJim12-19-2009

    … Well, I’m sure glad that someone had a bit of luck with this cheaply made and badly assembled piece of plastic from China … Mine quit working after only a week and I find it nearly impossible to find any help since these are sold only by a very few places and outlets in North America … AND if I had bought the WACOM, I could go to thousands of stores and get replacement parts or have it repaired, something that is impossible with Manhatten products … MY PROBLEM : the pen quit working and will only resume working after I remove the battery and re-insert it again and then the pen will work for 2 – 3 minutes then I have to repeat this procedure all over again, many, many, many times per hour … I don’t need to tell you how annoying this is … SO if anyone can help me please leave me a message at and I will respect you forever … Promise !!!!

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