Contextual Links @ V7N Launched!

This week, V7 launched a great new service – Contextual Links @ V7N – which both link buyers and bloggers can each benefit from. Now you’re probably wondering how this service is different from every other link brokerage service out there, so let me explain.

Contextual Links @ V7N offers you something that no other service can – completely undetectable contextual links that Google cannot identify as paid, and therefore cannot penalize you for. Other services leave a clearly identifiable footprint that Google can detect and has recently been known to devalue. Through the success of the V7N Web Development Community and Forums, V7N also has access to a huge audience of bloggers who can easily fulfill even the largest of orders. This means you won’t have to wait for your orders to get filled. Best of all, V7N offers a very low flat rate fee per link.

Bloggers can join the V7N Publisher Network and start earning money from their blogging efforts. Unlike other services, all you have to do is place a contextual link within a post on your blog. It’s that easy. No bizarre requirements or minimum word counts. Just link it and be done with it! For such little effort you earn an easy $10 per link.

Want to find out more or sign-up today? Then head on over to Contextual Links @ V7N.

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