More Luxury Tech Toys

Further searching on the web has led me to even more outrageously expensive tech gadgets.  Check them out below.

The World’s Most Expensive Mouse:

For those who want nothing less than the best, I present to you the world’s most expensive mouse. This mouse is encrusted with 59 individual diamonds and is cast from 18 karat white gold.  It features USB and PS/2 connectivity to your computer, and is thankfully an optical mouse.   It is being offered by the Swiss company Pat Says Now for a mere $24,000.

The Super Expensive Jewelry PCs:

Moneual Lab announced three jewelry PCs designed by Lee Buckingham.  Each of the PCs is, of course, outrageously expensive due to the value of the jewels adorned on them.  One of the Jewelry PCs (the Moneual Renaissance) is expected to cost $1 million dollars. All of them are decorated with the most expensive blue Sapphires, Topazes, Rubies, Diamonds, and other precious gemstones.

The Moneual Renaissance system features 18K white and yellow gold is decorated with fine Rubies on the front panel of the system.  As far as the technical specs go, the Renaissance features the AMD Athlon64 FX processor, 2 terra byte HDD (RAID), 8GB Samsung system memory, blue-ray disc drive, a digital home motherboard by ASUS, HDMI capable graphics from AMD-ATI, Windows Vista Ultimate Edition, a silent cooling fan from Zalman, and two PCI HDTV cards from SIGMACOM.

The next system, the Baroque, is in 18K gold and is decorated with blue Sapphires on the front panel of the system.  The Baroque has the same system specifications as the Renaissance.

The last system, Rococo, is in 18K yellow and white gold, and is decorated with diamonds on the front panel of the system.

The company is considering making 100 additional Jewelry PCs, all encrusted with semi-precious stones, at at more affordable price of $30,000.  Three “value” models are also in the works which will be introduced at the $15,000 price range.

I wonder if anyone has the world’s most expensive cell phone, MP3 player, mouse, and PC.  That would have to be the world’s most expensive tech set-up!

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  1. MrMeanMrMean05-16-2007

    I struggled to get my Mont Blanc Pen (costing $300) its going to take a lot more work to get me one of those tasty mouses.

    However I do wonder what sort of Mouse Mat you would put with such an expensive Mouse? Maybe you can shed some light 😀

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