GPS navigation on your phone!

It seems like GPS navigation is finally making it’s way on to American phones. I’m seeing more and more high-end phones have this feature. The phones in Japan and Korea have likely had such features for a good while now, as they’re always ahead technologically. While I’m not so sure that it would be something that I’d use frequently, I do think it is something that could potentially come in handy one day. It could be useful if you’re lost, or even if you’re in another city/state/country and want to find the nearest Starbucks in a flash.

I just got sent this geographic information system software from a company called TeleNav. I’ve not yet tested it out, so I can’t really give my opinion yet. They sent me a phone which is pre-loaded with the TeleNav software and some contraption to put in my car so I can use it as not only portable GPS, but also in-car navigation. The phone is kinda small though – its a Samsung Katana phone from Sprint. I’m thinking that a touchscreen smartphone with a large display would work better for the in-car navigation part. Maybe I’ll test it out this weekend and let you guys know what I think. Samsung sent me a BlackJack phone, which is compatible with TeleNav, and I kinda wish that TeleNav would have just sent me software I could load on the phone instead of a pre-loaded phone. I think the BlackJack would work better with it.

So, um, what’s your favorite GPS enabled mobile phone these days? If you’re not sure what’s out there, keep your ears open next week when the 3GSM conference is going on in Barcelona. There’s sure to be some great new mobiles coming out of that, and I hear that Apple is bringing the iPhone along for people to actually get a look at and test out there.

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