Video Business Cards

Some tech geeks might appreciate iSendOut’s newest effort – the video business card, which allows consumers to create video business cards to send out over the internet for no charge. With just a webcam, camcorder, or uploaded video, you can create your own video business card.

iSendOut touts that:

The list of uses for the Video Business Card are quite limitless,” said Paul Vizard, president of “Use this system for valentines, birthdays, job applications, sales videos auditions, or company announcements. Those who make use of this technology set themselves apart from the regular message crowd.”

Okay, so this doesn’t look like it would be a practical replacement for real business cards, or business card holders & cases, but it could potentially be a nice enhancement for those who take extra care to make a nice video business card.

Personally, I am going to stick with real business cards. I haven’t really gotten into the video blog craze, and I don’t see myself getting into video business cards. I don’t see the practicality of it either. What do you guys think about this?


  1. MikeMike03-12-2007

    Well, I gave this a shot using a sales video and completed the card in about a minute.

    Very easy to use and now I can insert a signature to contact info so now my potential clients can see our products as well as have my contact info in one go

    For personal interation one on one, no. For an additional link for product push, I give it a big thumbs up

    This is just like Vistaprint but in video format
    I think its great and the way of the future.

  2. TiffanyTiffany03-19-2007

    Well, I was checking their Videocard samples and see some potential for this.

    Sales reps, product overviews, demos, message from the boss, company policy and Human resources, CRM, video resumes or introductions, personal golf lessons, thats just a few ideas they seem to be exploring.
    SOunds like fun


    I think they got something here, can only get better from here out

  3. Mike DammannMike Dammann03-21-2007

    Well, it isn´t going to replace traditional business cards, but new gimmicks like that do have value. Good advertisers are the ones who explore new ways to get themselves seen everyday.

  4. TiffanyTiffany03-26-2007

    Mike, I totally agree. The bigger question is – how many people will actually use it.

    How many Realtors?
    Sales guys?
    Car dealers?

    Although the technology is there, its sometimes a case of “you can take a horse to water”


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