How could we have known that some seven years later, that newly launched Windows operating system would embed itself so deeply into our business and day-to-day lives, we would be screaming bloody murder for its discontinuation.

And yet, here we are.

How does something as ubiquitous as an operating system become so entangled in controversy as to warant a petition to save it and contant questions of why its sales cant be extended being fired from every angle?

To this date over 208,721 people have signed that petition and to this date, Microsoft is sticking with the deadline. Even having extended it once already. However, even after the June 30th OEM deadline, you can still get XP on your new computer purchase:

Dell will make XP available as a downgrade option for future computers sold after the deadline and Lenovo will have an XP Recovery CD available as a downgrade option but only on Vista “qualified systems” so you have to buy the Vista system first, then downgrade on your own.

Then there are the ultraportables. Between Linux and XP Home, you still might get the chance to use your beloved OS.

But what does this say about us? About how we manage and integrate our systems? We’ve become so reliant on a single OS that given the state of Vista’s performance and compatability issues still being reported, XP is the only option. And what of new small businesses who can’t afford the down time or the efforts of developing for or breaking into the Vista OS? Well at least the downgrade is available.

Rest in peace, XP. It was a great ride.


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