The Browser War is Back?

 “I thought the war was over. Years ago”.

Apparently some haven’t gotten that message or rather just don’t care. 

Since the early 90’s we’ve been inundated with browser after browser. Along with the dead, the dying and the incompatible web standard implementations we suffered and we cried but we surfed on.

Let’s get this straight. There is one Internet. How many browsers do we need for it?

Granted, we should have choice. That’s always a good thing. Well, mostly. But I think we have plenty at this point. From corporate releases to open source, the browser wars degraded into a skirmish. Which is how we like it. It’s quiet, personal and just over the hill where most of us can’t hear it.

I look at it this way. We’re handed half a dozen first class tickets to a 5 star hotel in Bermuda, so which one do we choose? The seats are all next to each other and the hotel rooms are side by side so there’s really no difference. Okay sure, maybe there are some slight differences. Maybe you want to be closer to the bathroom on the plane or the elevator in the hotel. But really, they’re all pretty much the same and they take you to the same place.

Well Google thinks they can do better than a first class ticket and 5 star hotel room in Bermuda. Or do they?

What do they bring to the fight?

Google Chrome really just builds on the same ideas we’ve all become accustomed too via the more popular browser. Functionality that is so ubiquitous that not having them breaks the cease-fire. Google says it uses some future-proof technical mumbo jumbo but is this Goggle’s version of the future or do they somehow have a magic 120mm cannon that shows them how users will surf on the Internet of the future?

Mozilla Labs and Adaptive Path have a 120mm future telling canon. It’s called Aurora. I’m not sure I’ll buy into it. I mean, it’s only a concept browser, but who is their canon aimed at? Farmers, old people and couples? Well none of those are me. And just for the record I have no issues with old people. (;

No, the war is over. Unfortunately some just haven’t gotten the message. Let me enlighten those who might be interested in developing the next great browser.

Wait for it…

Don’t bother unless you’re bringing an atom bomb to the market. Google Chrome is far from an atom bomb and Aurora is just an empty casing looking for a spark. 

The more this goes on, the more we’re going to lose as users. We will be relegated to ‘consumers’ and ad based browsers will become the norm as more and more of them fight for our habits and more and more of the developers think ‘they’ have something over the ‘others’ and sink millions into their ideas.

You know what I want? I want the Internet to evolve first. Then the browser. Or in tandem; A united front, so to speak. They should be allies bound together to move the Internet and the way we interact with it to the next level. Beyond atom bomb. Take me to future… Not the mass grave.


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