End of the Year Rants

It isn’t often that I feel the need to rant, but sometimes ya just gotta tell someone some of the stuff that drives ya crazy.

So here ya have it, my top end of the year rants.

Walking into Best Buy and having the guy in the computer department assume that I know very little about the system I am looking at, only to discover that he knows far less than I do.

Buying a preloaded system and finding a zillion trial programs that I have no desire to own, already installed. If you want to offer me a free trial, give me the CD and let me decide. Don’t put me in the position of spending hours removing all the junk.

Firefox getting slower and slower, to the point of being a pain to use for casual surfing. What happened to the simple barebones browser that we came to love?

Antivirus program that use more resources than any other program on my system, bogging down normal usage.

iTunes constantly trying to download stuff that I don’t want or need. If I want to download Safari, I will go to the site and download it, dang it! Quit trying to include it in regular updates.

Dell finally deciding to bring tech support back to the US but then charging us for the service. Are you nuts Dell? Do you really want to lose the customers you have left?

J. Cricket Walker of CricketWalker.com

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