Are You Nuts Facebook?

As most of you already know, Facebook rolled out another facelift last Friday. The most notable changes are the new tabs so that you are able to choose between the live feed which shows more than you ever wanted to know about your friends, or the news feed which lets Facebook decide what you want to see, with no happy middle between the two. Are you nuts Facebook?

Have ya maybe considered letting your USERS decide what THEY want to see? Why on earth did you think we would want to know which groups our friends have joined, or which friends they have added. Additionally, have you considered that the vast majority of your users know how to use the refresh button? By making the feeds live, you have the page refreshing right in the middle of reading, so users have to scroll back to where they were.

Yes, I realize there is no way you can please everyone, but when you have 785,701 members (so far) joining a group named Change Facebook Back To Normal, perhaps it is time to take a second look at this decision.

J. Cricket Walker of

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