Replacing Outlook With Gmail

After being a huge fan of Outlook for many years, I am ready to see if replacing Outlook with Gmail is truly possible, without losing my favorite features. With friends and colleagues swearing that once I become accustomed to using Gmail that I will never go back, it seems worth a try.

Actually, they have been trying to convince me to change over for a few years now. The truth is, I was just plain chicken to give it a try.

Of course only time will tell, but after just a few hours of experimenting with all of the options, I have to admit, it is much better than I might have expected.

My biggest concerns involved my need for extreme organization with email. Between filters and labels though, this concern has proved to be unfounded. At the moment I am spending time looking for extensions plugins that may improve my experience with Gmail even further.

One program at time, I may completely eliminate my need for Microsoft products all together.

What about you?

Have you begun to eliminate your dependence on Microsoft? Was it a difficult addiction to break?

Or, are you hopelessly stuck spending hundreds of dollars on their programs year after year?

J. Cricket Walker of

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  1. Akash KumarAkash Kumar10-02-2011

    I have been using Gmail for quite some time now and feel that the change is good and more and more people are now shifting more towards Google than Yahoo or Microsoft.

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