Monthly Archive for: ‘February, 2011’

Smartphone Apps and Security

Much as I am with my computers, I tend to be a bit anal overly protective when it comes to the security of my HTC myTouch 4G smartphone. Does it surprise you that I use very few apps? Common sense (and research of an app before downloading it) will help prevent the vast majority of issues, but for those times …

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Facebook Relationship Status

Good grief Facebook! Could you possibly make the choices for relationship status any more complicated? 11 different options? Are you kidding me? Life is already way too complicated. Yes, I realize that the new options are far more politically correct. Some people are offended by the new options, while others are jumping up and down for joy, but what the …

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Networking Is Supposed To Be Social

As we all know, social networking has taken the world by storm. It has literally gotten to the point that people may even question the credibility of your company if it can’t be found on at least the biggest networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter. “Facebook has surpassed Google in use by small businesses as a tool for marketing …

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I Am Just A Geek?

It took me forever to make the move to a smartphone. Considering the fact that I am usually drooling all over new technology, it took me an incredibly long time to jump on the smartphone wagon. I was perfectly content with my Samsung Messenger. Granted, I had nearly worn the letters off the qwerty keyboard, but it worked fine. Then …

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