I Am Just A Geek?

It took me forever to make the move to a smartphone.

Considering the fact that I am usually drooling all over new technology, it took me an incredibly long time to jump on the smartphone wagon.

I was perfectly content with my Samsung Messenger. Granted, I had nearly worn the letters off the qwerty keyboard, but it worked fine. Then I looked around and realized that I was the ONLY one left not using a smartphone. I owned a dumbphone.

Ugggggggh! I wasn’t cool!

Off to tMobile I went to sign my life away for a new HTC myTouch 4G that was going to take an engineering degree (or a 12 year old kid) to learn how to use it.

Why did I choose that particular smartphone?

Okay, I admit it. It just looked cool and I loved the touchscreen!

Over the next several days, I owed the cuss jar some serious bucks while I tried to figure this dang phone out. Just answering a call seemed to take an act of congress. And auto complete spell check for text messaging? Good lord, I sent some truly funky text messages for weeks. (Don’t even ask!)

Finally though, I was one of the cool guys. I had a smartphone just like EVERYONE else.

As it turns out though….

Of the 234 million cell phone users in America last year, a dominating 73 percent own traditional (aka non-smart) devices, according to market researcher comScore. Despite their more popular mindshare, intelligent devices like the Apple iPhone and phones based on Google’s Android operating system own barely a quarter of the market. Fox News

Are you kidding me?

I could have kept my dinosaur of a phone and been part of the majority?

Now I am just a geek?

Too late! I am madly in love with my smartphone and there is no way you can pry it out of my hand now!

How about you? Have you made the move?

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  1. DanDan02-11-2011

    I had the iPhone 3GS as my first smartphone, and that was a good year or so into the whole smartphone saga.

    Now, all my friends have android-enabled phones and play online games with each other. I feel so left out hahaha.

    I am quite addicted to the phone, and notice how everyone else seems to be addicted to the phones when you see them. I think the comScore is misleading, particularly from an Aussie point of view, because in the city, if I am on a train nearly every single person has an iPhone, if they don’t then its normally and HTC android phone. I dont think the number of non-smart phone users is nearly as high as they suggest unless they are taking into account non-tech areas.

  2. Jackie E-SJackie E-S02-11-2011

    I’m on my 2nd smart phone now. The first, vintage 1996, was Windows Mobile. I still keep it around and charged up, because it occasionally comes in handy for listening to certain audio books that are only available from my in Windows format.

    I have an iPhone now and LOVE it! Have had that just a little over a year. For months I was only using basic capabilities. But then I took the time to take a one-on-one personal training session at the Apple Store, then got into things even more deeply with a comprehensive course at Lynda.com. It’s amazing all the things that can be done with this tiny gadget!

    I don’t think you’ll regret making the move now to smart phone. I just wish that I had taken the time on my first one to learn its other features (which I am just now doing!).

  3. Bill BevingtonBill Bevington02-11-2011

    One of the things I have done, in an effort to learn what I can, was to set up a Google alert for the terms “mobile phone.” I get daily emails now with links to anything new on the subject.

    One thing I plan on developing this spring / summer is the website listed in this post. Why? Because mobile users will surpass PC users VERY soon. (nothing there yet, still trying to learn how to build my first mobi site) Wish me luck?

  4. SandiSandi02-11-2011

    Nope – the current phone I have is a Samsung with a slide out keyboard for texting – I thought that I would text a lot – but it’s very seldom, so it’s almost a waste of having the keyboard.

    I don’t go anywhere – stay at home, retiree, and business owner – so it’s not like I need to have all these apps on my phone for email, and web etc.

    I’m slow to join the band wagon too – so I guess once the smart phones are passe I’ll get one

  5. Fran CaseyFran Casey02-11-2011

    I’m part of the unwashed 73%, Cricket. And I, too, have drooled over all the cool apps my friends have on their smart phones. But we also have 5 phones on our account, so the idea of adding any fees at all to our coverage is just too much! Maybe when our kids finally can afford their own plans?

  6. GlennetteGlennette02-12-2011

    Oh my gosh, I’ve had a smartphone for years! Had a palm then went through two Treos. Reluctantly went from Treo to Blackberry which I now love. I can’t see ever having a regular phone again!

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  8. MrSSMrSS09-02-2011

    Don’t feel bad for having a smartphone too late, just enjoy it anyway. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Moreover, I would like to say something about the statistics (survey maybe), that is a fact, I think because a typical people who used to have dumbphone will surely stick to what they are using than learning new operating system of phone which actually they don’t have time to spare. The thing is a mobile phone is a communication device first and foremost right? And due to man’s need the phone was evolved and modified with some useful functionalities which a computer have, then we can derive that a smartphone for portability of computer functions, since it can multi-task, access the web, play music & videos, download stuffs, make reports and many more.

    Lastly, our mobile phones sometimes reflects our life style and needs. Me, I’m a fan of smartphone. Make sure that we can use the smartphone’s features, otherwise we just waste money. ๐Ÿ™‚


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