Networking Is Supposed To Be Social

As we all know, social networking has taken the world by storm. It has literally gotten to the point that people may even question the credibility of your company if it can’t be found on at least the biggest networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter.

“Facebook has surpassed Google in use by small businesses as a tool for marketing and brand promotion, according to a study released this week by local business network MerchantCircle. Seventy percent of respondents claimed they use Facebook for marketing purposes, which is up from 50 percent a year ago and a nudge higher than Google’s 66 percent.” NEBS Newsdesk

That being said, many companies are missing the boat on how they approach making their presence known on these sites.

Many simply don’t seem to get that social networking is supposed to be SOCIAL. If you only post ads promoting your business, and you fail to truly interact with your friends, fans, and followers, you may find your results to be far less than you hoped for.

“People do not care how much you know until they know how much you care.” John Maxwell

I would love to hear your thoughts. What methods do you use to effectively use social networking? How do you interact with others?

J. Cricket Walker of


  1. JayJay02-16-2011

    I seldom do games for my fans where they can all participate even without a prize to expect. Just for fun and all. Also, humor is a good bait so a little joke in a day can draw your fans attention and wait for your next posts.

  2. Jim SandersJim Sanders02-16-2011

    So right Cricket, and it’s part of what I keep trying to tell people in the forums at V7N that just want to know the quickest way to make money online. The quote from John Maxwell you reference is something I’ve lived by from the beginning.

    How businesses can understand building customer relationships to lead up to a sale and not realize it works the same on ANY other platform amazes me. However, in the end, it seems like many miss the boat. Social media is no more complicated than the other processes, you treat people the same as the others and you get the same results.

    For me, most times, I toss out tidbits about what I’m doing and writing as I’m writing it. Then, when I’m done, I post the link to the published URL. In between, I try to toss out tips, comment on what they’re saying, and retweet some of their posts. I’ve found it’s simple, the more you ENGAGE them, the more likely they are to retweet you as well.

    It’s all about relationships, just like sales. The better and stronger you build them, the word of mouth spreads, the more you profit from them, but if they think you’re just in it for the money, forget it.

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  4. DerekDerek02-16-2011

    O dear, i’m failing at this. I tweet a lot of good quality content and sometimes even toss in a blog post on mine which has affiliate links in it but i don’t like to tweet this kind of stuff. I still building followers by tweeting quality content that people seem to like.

    I’m not a big fan of communicating with my followers because i just don’t have the time to or actually want to. I communicate with people on my blog as in via. contact form or in blog comments but i know i am missing out on big money if i would interact with my follower’s.

    Someday when i don’t have to battle a 9 to 5 job, i’d spend half my day interacting with my followers while working on the online business.

    I’m to tired to be thinking at this time of night.

  5. stonestone02-16-2011

    I have one, and I’m not sure how / whether developing it differently than twitter is a real goal… Haven’t invited anyone… not real sure how people are even finding my website fan page…

    I kinda expected some kind of mention of the Middle East in your post…

  6. JimtsapJimtsap02-16-2011

    Hi! You are right about the transformation that the social networks are having.

    In the beginning social networks where used by people just to get socialized with each other. Nowadays, more and more businesses use it just to promote their business. Many times we see people having multiple accounts for their business and a seperate one just for communicating in a social manner. So there are out there many social accounts that aren’t social at all.

    I don’t believe this is right way of using social but it works like a domino game. If you see, your competitors promoting their business in social networks in a no social way, then you might think it is right for you to do too. Sometimes you might think that getting more socialized, than your competitors, you might loose the professional that you are going after.

    So I, use social networks in a promotinal manner too. I have other accounts to get socialized but not with my businnes logo, more like personal accounts. The profits of using social nets for promotion are very high. Even the whole social community starts using social networks to find products and services to buy. Maybe that is the main reason for the transformation. That’s what the term of social marketing is about.

    I don’t believe this will change, instead, more and more desocialization will. And don’t forget that marketing have always been using all the artilery that can have…

  7. GlennetteGlennette02-16-2011

    Well said! It’s important to balance the socializing and the promotion. It’s fine to promote your product or your blog post but people will be more likely to click the link (which is your goal) if they have gotten to know you and believe you care.

    Try the 80/20 rule which can be applied to almost anything. In this case, 80% socializing and 20% promotion.

    P.S. I’ve heard that saying a lot but didn’t know who it was attributed to.

    Glennette Goodbread, Owner
    Premium Web Design and Hosting

  8. Amy SueAmy Sue02-17-2011

    You’ve got it! I am sick and tired of tweets that are nothing more than sales pitches. No matter how much I like you, if all you tweet is self-promotion I’m going to unfollow. Period.

    Yes, I’m cranky about this, but I’ll bet I’m not the only one. 😉

    ~Amy Sue

  9. M.-J. TaylorM.-J. Taylor02-24-2011

    I think you make a critical point for the use of Facebook. If there were a rule of thumb, it might be, let your promotional posts be no more than 1 out of 10. However, AmySue’s opinion notwithstanding, I am not sure I think that applies to Twitter in quite the same way. My profile says follow me for SEO tips. I don’t think my followers expect me to offer Rumi quotes or tell them what I had for lunch today. 😉 And I don’t want that sort of thing from those I follow. I follow for business reasons; I am looking for the latest on SEO. I don’t want to know what you had for lunch either.

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