Smartphone Apps and Security

Much as I am with my computers, I tend to be a bit anal overly protective when it comes to the security of my HTC myTouch 4G smartphone. Does it surprise you that I use very few apps? Common sense (and research of an app before downloading it) will help prevent the vast majority of issues, but for those times that common sense fails me, I also use AVG as a backup. That being said, that doesn’t mean I avoid all apps.

Why even bother having a smartphone if you aren’t going to install any apps at all?

I definitely take advantage of those from trusted sources if I find they are something I would use often.

Pandora Radio: It was such a pain in the tush to carry both an iPod shuffle and a cell phone when I go out for walks. Carrying just my cell phone is not just more convenient, it also means I don’t miss important calls when I am shamelessly rocking out to my favorite music on those walks. Yeah, I admit it. I need the music to keep me motivated to get that bit of exercise.

AVG for Android: You wouldn’t use your laptop without some sort of protection would you? Then why would you use your smartphone without it? When you find yourself temped to believe the people that want to tell you that smartphones are automatically safe, maybe you should take a moment to review a few facts.

“With smartphones outselling PCs for the first time — 421 million of the hand-held computers are expected to be sold worldwide this year, according to market analysts at IDC — the long-predicted crime wave on hand-held devices appears to have arrived. According to the mobile-security firm Lookout, malware and spyware appeared on 9 out of 100 phones it scanned in May, more than twice the 4-in-100 rate in December 2009.”  The New York Times

Navigation: I do love having the ability to navigate no matter where I am, but this is an option (GPS) on my phone that I tend to keep disabled unless I specifically need to use it, after which I disable it again. Why? I don’t have a clue. I am just not all the comfortable with it.

SoundHound: Yeah, this is one that I don’t consider a need, but being into music, I sure to like it when I fall in love with a song but can’t figure out the name of it and want to be able to listen to it again later.

What are some of the apps that you love for your smartphone?

How concerned are you about security with it?

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  1. MichaelMichael02-26-2011
  2. DerekDerek02-26-2011

    I got a iphone but Pandora is a life saver for me at work. I have my computer speakers hooked up to the phone and jam away while i work. For the iphone i do have a couple of “stupid’ apps a 14 year old would love but i have no clue if they have malaware or not. To tell you the truth i did not think phone apps would have them.

    Now you got me thinking about what i put on my phone these day’s. I have personal stuff on my iphone and starting to think about researching each app i have installed now.

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