Do We Risk Losing Something?


This video is a little over 5 1/2 minutes long, but humor me here for a moment and watch it anyway. Yes, even if you have watched it before. (grin)

As you are watching it, I want you to keep track of your thoughts. Are you totally fascinated and dreaming of how much easier life would be with this technology?

Does it trigger even more ideas?

Or, are you seeing much of the art of living life being removed and automated?

Yes, advanced technology makes so many things possible that we could not even imagine before. The benefits are enormous, but I am wondering, with every step forward, do we risk losing something along the way?

Do we risk forgetting to actually LIVE life? Is there a way to find balance?

I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic…

J. Cricket Walker ofย


  1. KaiKai03-14-2011

    I remember about six years ago they showed off the Microsoft surface and at the time, I really wanted one. From a purely gaming perspective, that tech, all of it would be kick ass – but from a personal perspective, it’s tech. Life us as easy or as hard as we make it – tech may mitigate that somewhat but we ultimately choose what we allow to change or incorporate ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Stephen King (the other one)Stephen King (the other one)03-14-2011

    “Do we risk losing something along the way?” – In the same way that you risk losing your $1 that you play in the lottery, I think. In other words, it’s nearly guaranteed. Look at the technology advances that have already happened: we’ve beaten polio and malaria, only to be saddled with other syndromes and medicine-resistant bugs. We’ve got a surgery to beat obesity, only to have its recipients not able to absorb nutrients any longer, and so after a while they lose their teeth, their bone density, and much of their health. We’ve got information sharing down to a science, at least as long as the devices are kept sufficiently climate controlled to continue working. Look at all the great technology advance since any arbitrary point in history…1950? 1900? 1800? 1500? Has the human condition really improved? Have we gotten any brighter, or happier, as a race? It must be a zero-sum game we’re playing, whether by some divine edict or a simple fact of nature.

    That said, the glass in particular makes me nervous. Glass is one of the most fragile of substances in sheets, and the windows, the bus stop displays, and the highway displays would be gone in one little act of Mother Nature’s Fury. It’s convenient, sure, but with metal signs they just get bent. Where’s the backup when the system is made of glass?

    Don’t get me wrong…I’m not a technophobe. In fact, I was raised professionally in the fast paced world of IT…I was an MCSE back when it was still cool. All the stuff in this video really get my geek up. But to answer your question…yeah, we lose something when we gain something.

  3. M.-J. TaylorM.-J. Taylor03-14-2011

    I think the technology looks like fun, and it looks like it would be easier to be organized and to put your hands on information – so to speak. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Communication would be more integrated. Or could be. It could also be a pain to keep all that glass clean.

    The future I envision has a miniature headset that houses my entire computer. From a contact lens I wear I can project a 3d screen and keyboard anywhere that only I can see. My hand movements are picked up the headset so I can type on a virtual keyboard anywhere.

    Remember how funny people looked when they first started talking on bluetooths? This will look even weirder. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Jackie E-SJackie E-S03-14-2011

    I don’t fear technology and am one of those who want to try just about everything. But I also am nostalgic of more basic activities in life; if we don’t take the time to center ourselves and enjoy the fundamentals of life, we are like a run-away train.

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