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I woke up absolutely determined that come heck or high water, I was going to write a quality tech post today. I poured a huge mug of coffee and vowed to myself that I would not even consider getting up until it was written.

There was just one itty bitty problem with this commitment.

As my hands reached for the keyboard to begin, I couldn’t think of one word to write.

Me speechless?

Now that is truly a shock. Usually if someone so much as asks me what time of day it is, I end up taking 30 minutes explaining the fine art of how to design a watch. You know what I mean, right? Kind of like I am rambling right now because I really have no clue what time it is, or in this case what to write.

However, I was determined, dang it!

My next step (when I realized my mind was a totally blank canvas) was to try to find ways to inspire a few ideas, something, anything that would trigger a few thoughts to get me started. I spent a zillion hours (okay maybe a little less than that) browsing through the news. I saw any number of articles that most writers could have written entire novels about, but not me. I was lucky to have a random thought here and there.

By this time my gigantic coffee mug was empty, and this quest was getting serious because what goes in must eventually come out, if ya know what I mean. (grin)

I had promised myself not to get up until I had finished what I set out to do so I had to come up with something RIGHT NOW!

In that moment the new official Random Tech Thoughts Day was born.

I declared it myself, so I know it is true.

Besides, you read it right here on the Internet so you KNOW it must be true.

With that thought in mind here are the random thoughts that crossed my mind while reading various bits of tech news today.

Throw away what you think you know about Internet Explorer — because the just-released IE9 will turn it all on its ear.” Computerworld

How do you do this to me every time? Why do I always decide to give you another chance? Yup, I gave in and downloaded the newest version of Internet Explorer.
I tried it for a whopping 28 minutes before uninstalling it.

No thank you. I will stick with Google Chrome.

Plaxo says it’s getting out of the social networking game and back to its roots of keeping contact info up to date. And to mark the transition, the Web-based address book service is expanding its offerings to include a new service that automatically updates contacts.” PCWorld

Forgive me for saying so, but that is probably a good plan since I have a feeling most of us had no clue you were ever in the social networking game. Really? You were?

Following AT&T and Verizon Wireless’ lead, T-Mobile, Sprint, Cricket Wireless and MetroPCS have adjusted their new policies toward customers trying to reach friends and family in Japan.” eWeek.com

Kudos to all of you (and the rest who have since joined) for being human for a moment in a time when we really do need to come together as one world.

Twitter has taken a big step towards improving account security with a new setting that permanently enables HTTPS.” Mashable

I applaud you for doing what it takes to make things more secure in Twitter world, but let me know when this can be permanently enabled for your mobile site as well. Yeah, I know you’re working on it.

Have you ever wanted to call another driver to complain about cutting you off? Or to tell him that his brake lights aren’t working? Or even to ask him out on a date? Now you can. Through a new start-up called Bump.com, drivers across the country can use their license plates to connect with each other via e-mails, text and voice messages, and even access discounts to local stores based on the locations where they’re driving. ABC News

I’m speechless again. You are kidding me, right?

AT&T will soon cap its DSL bandwidth at 150 GB per month, the company confirmed yesterday. Customers who use more data during at least three months will have to pay $10 for each additional 50 GB bucket of data. That’s bad news for Netflix (NFLX) and its users, who could get dangerously close to the cap. CNNMoney.com

AT&T you have the honors of being the story of the day that dang near had  me writing a book. Thank goodness I abandoned all of your services when I moved back to Texas. Let me ask you just one question. ARE YOU NUTS?

During a time when most companies are fighting to keep their customers, you are going to nickel and dime your loyal customers to death? Yeah, that seem like bright marketing move. Let me know how that works for ya.

Okay, now I am even out of random thoughts, so it is your turn. What random tech thoughts and rants are hanging around in your head today?

Oh, and one last question. Can I get up now? Please?

J. Cricket Walker of CricketWalker.com


  1. SueSue03-16-2011

    Bandwidth caps SUCK… we’re on a 40gb limit right now and just watching news puts us over…. I am patiently waiting until the year contract is up so I can get rid of the garbage we have and get a decent service for both net and cell phones! The field is limited for choices but I KNOW there has to be a better way!

    Random tech for the day… I severely dislike large multifunction printers especially by HP…. 20 minutes turned on and the thing jams 3 times and freezes by day’s end! I nicknamed the thing Voldimort! 😉

    • SteveSteve03-18-2011

      The rubber rollers probly need cleaning

  2. Jackie E-SJackie E-S03-16-2011

    This was great Cricket. I myself would not have been able to put all that together without my next cup of coffee. We seriously need to meet up sometime.
    p.s. I’ve pretty much abandoned Microsoft, period. Still have a couple of pc computers with Windows on the network here but mainly for archival and testing purposes. In my past corporate job, MS was mandated for the desktops. Now that I am independent, am enjoying Mac’s now for my own use.

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    • SteveSteve03-18-2011

      I tried google chrome and went back to IE

  4. RaeRae03-18-2011

    I stopped using Internet Destroyer when Google Chrome first came out. Thank you for helping me recognise I made the right decision!

    And what exactly is Plaxo?

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