You Might Be A Domainaholic



Seriously, is it possible to own too many domains?

No one says a word about their grandmother having a few hundred porcelain birds around the house, or even their favorite uncle who owns every possible item ever sold with the Dallas Cowboys name on it, so what is wrong with owning a few domains?

Some say that there comes a point when we just might be considered a domainaholic…

10 Signs You Might Be A Domainaholic

  1. You aren’t certain how many you own unless you count them.
  2. You try to buy a domain, only to discover that you already own it.
  3. Half the domains you own are unused, but you MIGHT use them someday.
  4. You own a few domain names that you would be embarrassed to tell other about.
  5. You have purchased a domain you know you will never use, but you just like it.
  6. You have looked at a domain you own and asked yourself, what you were thinking.
  7. The yearly costs of all of your domains could easily pay an extra house payment.
  8. You feel registrars should have a breathalyzer next to the buy now button.
  9. While reading this post, you are thinking about buying another domain.
  10. You are shocked when someone tells you they only own one domain.

How many of these signs apply to you? Can you think of more?


J. Cricket Walker ofย


  1. ElaineElaine03-22-2011

    You might also be a domainaholic if you own every .net, .info, .biz, .us of your primary .com… as well as 50 different misspellings. ๐Ÿ˜€

    • CricketCricket03-22-2011

      It is so good to know I am not alone!

  2. Keith D MainsKeith D Mains03-22-2011

    All of the above apply to me ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Jackie E-SJackie E-S03-22-2011

    I vamped up several years ago, thinking I’d grab a bunch of domains and put them to good use. After a few years, I was still at your #3 “Half the domains you own are unused, but you MIGHT use them someday”. (actually more than half) So I whittled down my list to half. That went on for a couple of years. Then I was at your #7 (actually, I don’t have a house payment, but you get the idea — there is always something else that good money can be spent on rather than something you just aren’t going to use – maybe someday). Now I’m down to a handful. I am wondering whether I am your #5 — it is up for renewal in and few days, and I really REALLY need to either do something with this one or else just let it go (but I know I won’t, lol). Actually, I was your #9 just earlier today (before reading this) and thinking about another domain to buy. Go figure.

    • CricketCricket03-22-2011

      We could consider ourselves domaineers, but that would require actually doing something with the domains beyond collecting them. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. KaiKai03-22-2011

    Hi. My name is Kai and I’m a domainaholic…
    hmmm…wonder if is taken…. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. S EmersonS Emerson03-22-2011

    Am I Domainaholic if I say yes to 6 out of the 10?

    Most of the domains I have that are not being used there was a plan. Just no time to develop them!

    • koskos03-22-2011

      I’m so with you on this one! I’ve bought a few domains that on their niche could bring a lot of revenue but since I got them things have changed (S, you know what I’m talking about) and now I can’t find the time to work on them:(

  6. Karen BainKaren Bain03-22-2011

    I have two domains. One is a redirect. LOL And, I could use advise right here on the use of one’s name in Facebook. My profile is “karenbain” Should my FB Page also be “karenbain?” The FB Page will be business. What experience do you have with this.
    Thanks, Karen Bain

  7. Amit VermaAmit Verma03-23-2011

    Thanks god, I am not domainaholic.

    I just have one domain ๐Ÿ˜›

  8. CindyCindy03-23-2011

    A friend was asking me about how domains work. I was telling her “Its only about 10$ a year”, which really impressed her. Then, I said “Of course, I have a few, so it costs me more like 50$ a year.. or, uh, maybe $300.” OOPS!

  9. Karen BainKaren Bain03-24-2011

    Thanks to all the comments in response to my question about the use of one’s name on Facebook Pages as opposed to a business name. Your suggestions and a Ben Franklin Close came up with the winner… the use of my own name.

    Thanks, again, Ladies!

    Karen Bain

  10. techdelvertechdelver03-27-2011

    I am one of them… yet, just have one domain

  11. PamPam03-31-2011

    Does 8 out of 10 make me qualify?

  12. RenataRenata04-02-2011

    8.You feel registrars should have a breathalyzer next to the buy now button.

    I purchased several with .co after the SuperBowl…
    The pomegranite margaritas may have contributed to this..


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