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Keeping My World In Balance


Yes, it is true. I am a keyboard and mouse junkie.

What’s your point?

Are you telling me that most people are not?


People don’t walk down the keyboard & mouse aisle of Best Buy lovingly touching every keyboard? They don’t gently hold each mouse in their hand to see how it feels?

They don’t even leave a trail of drool marking their territory?


Okay, I may be just a bit anal picky about my keyboards and mice. Wait a sec… Is “mice” the proper pluralization for this kind of mouse? Mouses? Meese?

Did I mention I am a bit on the ADHD side too?

For me, if my mouse and keyboard are not right, nothing feels right. It is honestly as if my world is all out of balance, like if someone turned my desk around backwards.


For the first time ever, my current favorite keyboard is not made by Microsoft. It is a Logitech Wireless K800 Illuminated Keyboard and a Rocketfish 2.4ghz Ergo Mouse. (Yes, those are affiliate links that help keep the lights on at the V7N, so if you’re looking for a new keyboard or mouse, use them. As you already know, I would never recommend anything that I’m not totally sold on, or use it myself.)

Why do I like that keyboard so much? Well, besides the fact that I love that it lights up as soon as my hands reach over it, I love that it is so thin. As you have probably guessed, I type for many hours every single day, which can make for sore hands and wrists if you are using a keyboard that causes you to bend your wrist a lot. I also love that it is nearly silent when I am typing.

As far as choosing a mouse, I am well beyond picky. It has to fit my hand perfectly. Since I have very small hands, it can be challenging to find one that doesn’t keep my wrist at an awkward angle. I don’t much care about all the fancy features, as long as it fits. This one has been wonderful for me!

I readily admit that I go through at least a couple of keyboards a year because I am horrible about eating at my desk and spilling coffee. Or, perhaps that is just an excuse to go play at Best Buy some more, huh?

Even for my laptop, I use a full keyboard and mouse whenever possible.

How about you? Are you crazy about stuff like this? Or, do you just grab the cheapest ones on the shelf?

J. Cricket Walker of


  1. Amy SueAmy Sue04-18-2011

    You are too a geek. 😉

    But it takes one to know one, right?

    Nuff said.

    ~Amy Sue

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  3. Jim TsapJim Tsap04-18-2011

    Keyboard and mouse are the extensions of my hands. It’s true that if the feel is not exactly the best that you have imagined, then everything seems weird. Even many times I get my wrist tired using different keyboards and mice. When I visit my clients I even bring my own mouse in order to work efficient. Also the mouse speed is something I cant change, I usually change the speed to every computer I sit infront…

  4. Cindy J GuziakCindy J Guziak04-20-2011

    Pretty much!
    I’m like Jim… I cannot really deal with using someone else’s mouse for more than a quick moment (how about a co-worker with it set to left handed??)

    My baby is the Swiftpoint Wireless Laptop Mouse -its so small, I can fit it right in my laptop’s wetsuit, AND, its best used right on the surface of the laptop (to the right of the horrid touchpad), so I can actually use my laptop for its intended purpose — using the computer while laying on the bed!
    I’ve had that logitech light-up keyboard. I liked it.

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