Its Server Britches?



Facebook Too Big For Its Server Britches?

If you have tried to interact on Facebook lately, you have likely noticed multiple bugs and slowdowns – the kind of slowdowns that are reminiscent of dial-up days.

Is Facebook too big for its server britches? Or, are they simply messing around making changes in the backend again that simply seem to irritate even the most loyal of users?

Perhaps it is time for Facebook to consider that it doesn’t much matter how big you are if people reach the point of extreme irritability when trying to actually USE the site. At the very least you leave that dangerous opening for people begin to find other ways of networking…

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  1. CharnellCharnell07-07-2011

    Like Google+! (Sorry – I just had too) 😀

    All kidding aside, FaceBook, like most start-ups that become an overnight success, doesn’t care. Very few large, well known companies care about the end user anymore unfortunately. What’s worse is that they’re just big enough that they don’t have to. When people get frustrated and so upset over these changes, these companies know that just as soon as they lose 500 users, there is 1,000 more registering at the same time.

    When you’re that big…no one cares. Sad truth.

    • Akash KumarAkash Kumar09-12-2011

      Nobody cares if there is no competition but after Google+ Facebook will try to improve in all aspects otherwise they’ll lose the members.

  2. CricketCricket07-07-2011

    If they forget the users, I wonder if the users will eventually leave…

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