Wonders Of Modern Technology

End of the day...


With the wonders of modern technology, we no longer have to wait for the evening news to see what is going on in the world around us. The problem is that it is not often that the news is focused on stories that bring us smiles and joy.

Happy stories simply don’t make good news. Instead, we are slammed day in and day out with tragedies and horror from all around the world. How to we find balance in life if we spend our days surrounded in hate, war, and devastation?

Although we certainly can’t bury our heads in the sand, perhaps we have to CHOOSE the level of what we allow into our lives.

Maybe now and then we have to DECIDE that we need to turn off the news for a bit and fill our days with joy and those things we can control.

In the end, maybe we simply have to learn to look at things differently because for all the lives and homes that have been destroyed this past week in the storms, I have a feeling there are huge number of folks across the South feeling very blessed tonight…


J. Cricket Walker of CricketWalker.com


  1. Little JohnLittle John05-15-2011

    Technology has brought us amazing things in life, but at the same time information overload is something we have to endures.

  2. W ConklinW Conklin06-02-2011

    I agree, Its sad the way the news agencies focus on things that make us fearful, and distressed. It all goes back to the old saying “if it bleeds it leads”. I rarely watch the news just because its one depressing story after another.

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