Your Weekend To Do List

Kick back and take a nap!.


Yes, I realize it was a long week, that is why I decided to help you out and prepare your weekend to do list. I’m just cool like that! (grin)

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Take a nap…

Follow the V7N on Facebook and Twitter! (Find me too!)

Take a nap…

Drag out your camera and take part in the Visual Words of Wisdom Challenge.

Take a nap…

Spruce up your profile and signature over on the V7N Forums!

Take a nap…

Leave quality comments on a few blogs.

Did I mention taking a nap?

J. Cricket Walker ofย


  1. SueSue04-29-2011

    You forgot write a funny blog post….then take a nap!

    • CricketCricket04-29-2011

      I was going to, but then I took a nap! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. RonnieRonnie04-30-2011

    LOVE the naps part…..will be doing my blog and trying to do
    the contest stuff to. C MAY NEED YOUR HELP WITH IT, afer
    your next nap. Tee hee

  3. DerekDerek05-01-2011

    Don’t forget to buy the admin coffee and ice cream before taking a nap.

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